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Welcome to FITREP

The best fitness element you can work on is Strength.

Strength unerpins great achievement in almost all other fitness elements by supporting, stabilising and controling both fine and gross musculoskeletal movement.

Strength is the basis of power

Strength supports endurance by increasing the overall capacity of the system, thereby making each stride, push, pull, punch, pedal or throw less fatiguing.

Strength means strong bones, strong connective tissue, strong heart and lungs, strong mind, strong values.

Being strong makes you feel good!

 FITREP wants to make you strong!

The best way to train with FITREP is by becoming an SPT member.

SPT stands for Semi-Private Training which is 1 trainer with up to 4 clients per session. Each client completes their own unique program during an SPT session, so this is NOT group training. Their may be a general warm up that everyone completes and then each client will be trained according to their specific training program.

With SPT you get all the benefits of 1 to 1 PT, such as health and fitness assessments, periodised training plans and expert coaching and form correction BUT you pay a fraction of the cost of a 1 to 1 PT session.

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Why Choose FITREP?

Proudly partnering with My Local Gym 

FITREP operates out of My Local Gym in Amaroo. This gym cares about the local community. Genuinely passionate owners, top-notch equipment, just a great facility.

Highly experienced and educated trainers

Your FITREP trainer will always be qualified to help you with your training goals. Your trainer can manage a variety of exercise restrictions and ailments safely and effectively

OVER 20 years of fitness industry experience

Principal Trainer at FITREP is Ben White, who has a Masters in Exercise Science, a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Nutrition and over 20 years of fitness industry experience.

Positive environment that is uplifting and makes you feel strong

An SPT session at FITREP will make you feel better. Your training should be something you look forward to, it can be the best part of your day, try FITREP and find out for yourself