Frequently Asked Questions

What is FITREP?

FITREP are Canberra’s experts when it comes to personal training and strength and conditioning. Offering world class personal training and strength & conditioning services as well as the super popular semi-private training (SPT) sessions, FITREP will maximise your performance and help you achieve your best body ever.

What is SPT?

SPT stands for Semi-Private Training and describes a training session where 1 trainer will be training up to 4 members at the same time. This is NOT a group session. SPT should be considered the same as Personal Training as your trainer is taking you through a training program that has been constructed specifically for you based on your goals and assessment results.

The major difference between SPT and 1 to 1 PT is the huge cost saving for each member. As your trainer may be managing up to 3 other members during the hour session, the normal hourly rate to be paid is also spread out between the 4 members. This brings the cost of personal training down significantly and allows members to either conduct more SPT sessions per week or make significant savings on their weekly PT session.

What are the Pro's and Con's of SPT?


  • If a booking is cancelled, with at least 7 days notice before commencement of course, you will be entitled to a full refund minus a $50 non-refundable booking fee.
  • If a cancellation occurs with less than 7 days notice, 50% of the course cost will be refunded
  • People who register and do not attend the course are not entitled to a refund

Swapping or changing courses

  • You are entitled to swap into another course being held at a different date/time.
  • To be eligible to swap or change courses, you must give at least 72 hours notice, from the start of the course.
  • The course swapping fee is $50
  • This swap is only available one time. Once you have chosen your new course, no other swaps will be allowed.
  • If you are changing into a different course, you may have to pay the difference between your original course and the new course cost
  • If the new course is cheaper than your original course you will be refunded the difference minus the $50 course swapping fee.

Transferring Registration

  • Transfer of registration is allowed.
  • Notice of at least 24 hours is required for a registration transfer.
  • Transfer notice must include a completed Transfer of Registration form as well as a completed registration form for the new attendee
  • There is no cost to transfer registration if the above terms are met.
  • Transfer requests that occur within 24 hours of course start time will not be accepted

To affect any of these changes please contact Ben White via email by clicking here


Yes. FITREP can run an existing course specifically for your business and employees. There are minimum attendee requirements as well as some other administrative requirements that must be met before a course can be run so please contact FITREP to find out more. (Click here)


Not yet, keep an eye out on the FITREP website under FUTURE COURSES to see when online courses begin.

How much do the courses cost?

Course cost varies as each course is dependent on CEC value, duration, development time, subject matter and various other factors. As a guide, a half day course may be $200-$500 dependant on the factors described. To find out the cost of our current courses, please click on the course that you are interested in.

What are CEC's?

To maintain registration with Fitness Australia, Registered Exercise Professionals must complete twenty (20) continuing education credits (CECs) through educational programs and professional experience over every 2 year registration period.

How many CEC’s are the courses worth?

Each course is assessed by professionals from Fitness Australia who award a CEC rating based on factors such as, quality of information, duration of course, inclusion of assessment component and many others. The CEC value of every FITREP course that has gone through this assessment can be viewed by clicking on the course name.

How do I receive my CEC’s

Once you have completed your course, a completion certificate will be emailed to you. If you are an AusREP, simply log into your Fitness Australia dashboard and click on ADD CEC DIARY ENTRY. Follow the prompts and upload your certificate of completion. Fitness Australia will advise when your CEC’s have been approved.